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Water management in buildings and related infrastructure has been a natural extension of our core competencies. Perfecting your first-class building projects with equivalent water supply and sanitation systems gives you the comfort of a lasting high-performance result.

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Arrow Valves


Break Tank assembly with Fluid Category 5 protection by virtue of the integral Type AB air gap. The unit is supplied as a complete package on a base plate ready for installation.

The primary purpose is to provide backflow protection in accordance with the new Water Regulations. The BTAB unit also boosts the water pressure for elevated areas or where a high flow rate is required – e.g. wash-down.


Wall mounted break tank and pump assembly with Fluid Category 5 protection by virtue of the integral Type AB air gap complying with BS EN13077: 2003. The set is housed in a stainless steel cabinet – with drainage holes in its base – ready for wall mounting in a frost free environment.

The primary purpose is to provide backflow protection in accordance with the new Water Regulations. The Midi unit also provides cold water at a known outlet pressure.


Compact booster pump set designed to boost pressure for tall buildings where the mains supply is inadequate e.g. penthouse suites.

The unit is supplied as a complete package on a stainless steel base plate ready for installation. The set is approved for drinking (Wholesome) water applications since it has a screened overflow and vent – conforms to G16.13.

The primary purpose is to boost the water pressure for elevated areas or where a high flow rate is required – e.g. for showers and baths.

Ablution Plant

The Ablution Plant unit delivers hot water at the required temperature with the highest backflow protection. The primary application is bidets or ablution hoses adjacent to a WC or bidet. The unit can also be used for many other applications requiring hot water with Fluid Category 5 protection.

Toiletry applications are strictly Fluid Category 5, requiring a point of use air gap from the mains water or building supply pipe. There is a duty of care to provide warm water at a safe temperature with suitable legionella controls in place.

Care Shower

The Arrow Valves Care Shower is a special thermostatic electric shower (meeting BEAB Care Mark requirements as being safe for use by elderly, young and sick) and Booster Pump package (model CSABATLF).

The assembly has Fluid Category 5 backflow protection via integral AB air gap with booster pump and is therefore suitable for the highest risk applications.

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North West, Yorkshire, North East, Scotland, North Wales, West Midlands

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Aylesbury ‘K’ Type

– Delayed Action Float Valve
– Suitable for tanks without raised valve chambers

The weighted key-shaped float can be accurately set in a number of positions on the brass float arm, actuating the valve at a predetermined difference in water level, driving it fully open or fully closed without water hammer.

This positive action avoids dribble, reduces noise and allows full flow until the selected level is reached. Inherent in the design is a non-adjustable operating differential in water level between opening and closing of approximately 75mm. Also available in stainless steel as KS Type 

Aylesbury ‘KAX’ Type

– Delayed Action Float Valve
– Primarily for tanks with raised valve chambers

Identical in operation to the ‘K’ Type, the Aylesbury ‘KAX’ Type Valves have extended drops and are suitable for raised valve chambers. They are primarily designed to fit into chambers or boxes in the covers of tanks calling for Air Gaps or where maximum tank capacity is required.

To assist with compliance of Air Gap requirements the valve discharge is further raised above the centre line. The ‘KAX’ is especially suitable for Type AA & AB Air Gaps.

Aylesbury ‘KB’ Type

– Fully Variable Delayed Action Float Valve

– Suitable for tanks with or without raised valve chambers

The valve is operated by a transfer of weight in an actuator tube which causes the valve to open or close. The arrangement of the float and buoy assembly produces a delayed change of balance in the actuator as the water level alters. The total assembly is relatively light with no pressure related stresses. As a result the valve does not require any supporting structure.

Aylesbury ‘KB’ Type valves have a variable delayed action and feature a chain in place of a rigid float arm enabling virtually unlimited opening and closing levels. This allows for a considerable drop from the valve to the water level, overcoming issues associated with drop arms.

The versatility of the Aylesbury ‘KB’ Type makes it suitable for installation either directly into a tank or into a raised valve chamber particularly where Air Gaps are required. Changes in water levels and differentials can be made quickly by the installer or maintenance engineer without tools.

This feature is particularly useful where water demand changes either due to seasonal factors, building occupancy or where the commissioning of a facility is phased, as it reduces the risks associated with excess water being stored for too long.

Aylesbury ‘KP’ Type

– Fully Variable Delayed Action Float Valve, 

– Suitable for use with large tanks or high flow rates

– Suitable for tanks with and without raised valve chambers

The ‘KP’ Type Float Valve Kit comprises an in-line control valve together with an Aylesbury ‘KB’ Type Valve acting as a pilot. The pilot valve offers fully variable delayed action opening and closing water level settings and on/off operation making this ideal for mains or pumped systems.

Aylesbury Valves Brochure


A solution for cold water storage tank management

  • Reports and controls the water level

  • Reports temperature

  • Controls the filling of multiple tanks

  • Intuitive user interface

  • Remote alarms

Tanktronic is an electronic tank management system which provides a simple solution to monitoring water levels and temperature and can also manage and control tank filling and feed all this information back to your Building Management System. The user-friendly system, which is quick to install, offers a complete cost-effective solution to water monitoring.

Tanktronic Brochure

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North West, Yorkshire, North East

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Purewater Storage

GRP One and Two Piece Tanks

At Purewater Storage Ltd, we are the leading provider of storage tanks including the highly regarded one piece and two-piece GRP tanks. As a respectable company, we focus on product quality during the design and manufacturing processes, hence our unrivalled reputation for exemplary service. All the tanks in this particular product section are manufactured from glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) materials that are known for their robust qualities.

The tanks’ strength and durability mean they are a cut above typical industrial water storage tanks. Unlike many other standard tanks, our GRP tanks are extremely resistant to corrosion and this makes us confident in our products’ durability, which is why we can offer you a lengthy guaranteeperiod. Apart from their long lasting qualities, the tanks are very easy to manage, mainly due to thelightweight characteristics of the GRP materials.

All the different types of GRP tanks are designed to conform and even exceed industrial requirements for the benefit of our clients. The tanks’ sides and lid all have fully encapsulated insulation for temperature maintenance purposes. Our manufacturing processes are in compliance with the relevant British standards. We ensure that approvals and certifications in the industry arestrictly adhered to, and they form a fundamental aspect of our superior designs. Our potable water storage tanks are WRAS approved and are therefore suitable for drinking water applications.

GRP tanks are suitable for placement in different position that users may find awkward with other tanks, ranging from doorway positioning too many other usually restricted positions within the building. These top quality tanks are also available for hot water applications to a temperature of up to 30ºc

One Piece Tank Brochure

GRP Sectional Tanks

Purewater GRP Sectional tanks are designed in a modular format which allows a comprehensive range of tank size and configuration
Comprising individual bolt-up panels which are assembled on site
Designed for two specific applications:
For storing water in large capacities – from 125 litres up to 2,000,000 litres
To allow the site assembly of a water storage tank where access restrictions or other conditions deny the installation of one and two piece tanks

Purewater GRP Sectional tanks incorporate hot press moulded Grp panels ensuring maximum dimensional stability and consistency of quality
WRAS approved
Manufactured to BS EN 13280:2001
Manufactured in compliance with an ISO9001:2001 quality control system
Manufactured in a metric modular format allowing water storage from 125 litres to 2,000,000 litres
Factory Pre-insulated including insulated base option, providing a U value of 0.8w/m²/deg.c
Available with either internal or externally flanged base arrangement, with fully self draining base option
Incorporating the industry’s largest sized man-way access at 830 x 830mm aperture.
Incorporating the Purewater one-piece raised float valve housing panel complete with screened spill over weir providing an AB air gap and 830 x 830mm access to the float valve
Assembled on site by our own fully skilled and equipped engineers, ensuring 100% control of installation. Purewater DO NOT utilize outsourced labour to assemble sectional tanks
A vast range of sectional tanks are available, and in a number of formats.

GRP Enclosures and Housings

The Purewater range of Grp housings are manufactured from the highest quality Grp materials to withstand the rigours of the harshest weather conditions.
All enclosures have a tough weather resistant polyester gel coat outer, reinforced with a Grp laminate incorporating an encapsulated polyurethane foam core to provide insulation. External colour options are RAL6005 Green or BS 00A05 Industrial Grey. Other colours are available on request.
Insulation is 25mm thick as standard. This can be increased to a maximum of 100mm for extreme temperature applications.
Internal finish is a durable polyester gel coat finish in white.
Configurations start as small as 800 x 200 x 800mm high, up to infinite size.
Available as one-piece units for smaller applications or in sections in 500mm increments in length and width up to a height of 3 metres.
Door furniture includes stainless steel hinges and fixings, Yale type nightlatch lock assemblies, External door handles, internal door check straps and stays.


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North West, Yorkshire, North East, North Wales

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Commercial Rainwater Harvesting

The need to capture, store, filter and reuse rainfall is becoming more and more important. As water companies increase their prices and the population grows, demands on mains water continue to rise. Coupled with consumer demand for companies to reduce their environmental impact, rainwater harvesting is increasingly sought after by both the general public and commercial organisations.

Commercial rainwater harvesting isn’t just about the environment though. Stormsaver’s rainwater harvesting systems help companies save money, including yours.

Why Harvest Rainwater?

It’s becoming increasingly important for businesses and commercial entities to reduce their environmental impact across the entirety of their operations. Rainwater harvesting is an extremely cost effective method of achieving this goal, with the added benefit of reducing water consumption and bills.

Rainwater harvesting is easy to install and maintain, whilst providing cost effective savings on your water consumption; resulting in reduced water bills. Our systems can save thousands of pounds each year on your water bills.

Benefits to You

Reduce water consumption
Harvested rainwater will collect and automatically be used for in various systems, which could include toilet flushing and sprinkler systems, etc. The result will be less water usage and cheaper bills.

Quick and easy to install and start collecting
Installation is managed by your dedicated technical account manager who overseas all operations and provides specific advice to you. All equipment is also thoroughly tested before leaving our premises.

Tailored to your specific requirements
Stormsaver’s rainwater harvesting systems are available in a range of sizes and options. This means our system will be specifically tailored for your needs, ensuring you have the right system at the right cost.

Complete solution from one supplier
We offer servicing, maintenance and installation alongside the system, so you only need one supplier to ensure your system runs cost effectively for its lifetime.

Stormsaver Brochure

Regions serviced for this principal
North West, Yorkshire, North East, Scotland, North Wales

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