Air Distribution and Conditioning

Air Handling Systems (AHS)

AIR FLEX is our modular AHU range, custom built to satisfy all project specific requirements. AIR FLEX combines industry leading performance with highly efficient energy consumption levels to achieve Part L2 Building Regulation compliance.
Our AIR FLEX solution is constructed using the highest grade materials and components to ensure an operating life cycle in excess of 30 years.

AIR FLEX-M is our modular AHU solution designed specifically for the offshore marine industry. AIR FLEX-M features all the high quality design and manufacturing techniques of our standard FLEX range with additional high specification features that a harsh environment dictates.

AIR SOLO is our packaged AHU range, offering a highly efficient fully optimized solution with real ‘plug & play’ functionality.
Packaged controls are supplied pre-wired and factory commissioned, guaranteeing a fully optimized solution prior to installation.

AIR OPTEVENT is our revolutionary packaged liquid-coupled heat recovery system, featuring a unique optimizing control system offering highly efficient energy consumption applied to industry leading space flexibility.
Our AIR OPTEVENT system is designed with the installer and end user in mind, with ease of installation and serviceability given paramount consideration.

Regions serviced for this principal
North West, North East

External Contact
Ken O’Donoughue (North West)
Dale Nelson (North East)

Internal Contact
Lindsey Sankey


eco-park® at a glance

The advantages of the eco-park® Systems extends well beyond normal boundaries. Our innovative technologies, which include the most advanced components and control systems, have an impact on the environment, reducing raw materials, energy usage, excavation costs and many other factors.

eco-park ® advantages
Savings on the number of fans used
Savings on cabling & raw materials
Savings on containment
Savings on system power consumption
Savings on installation time
Savings on acoustic attenuation
Savings on back-up power supply
Savings on size of control gear and panel
Savings on excavation
Savings on yearly maintenance and service
Savings on replacement parts

Other benefits of the eco-park® system
eco-park® Systems offer better air dilution and movement throughout the car park.
Our unique twin discharge induction fans are designed to be positioned above driving lanes so there is no loss of performance or restriction of air flow.
eco-park® products are all tested and matched to complement each other.
CFD design support when required is always produced by an independent consultant and specialist in car park design.
Our prices are always competitive, comprehensive, full and final.
We are the only company that gives a detailed and guaranteed scope of supply.
HC PVE offer a selection of other car park, above ground and lobby venting products all designed to complement eco-park®.

A specialist, easy to use tool to help with the selection and application of car park ventilation systems

The first of its kind, the HC PVE app has been developed to help developers, architects, building consultants and contractors. It provides a well-defined guide to ventilation systems fully compliant with BS 7346-7:2006 and suitable for car parks up to a maximum of 3000 m2.

A key feature of the app is a calculation function that lets you key in essential data relating to a proposed car park. The app instantly converts this into an on-the-spot estimate of the end cost of a ventilation system that would meet your specification. You then have the option of submitting the estimate for a firm quote, which will be sent to you within 24 hours.

Architects can use the app to plan underground parking space, allowing for either natural ventilation or mechanical extraction – factors that can both enhance and speed up bespoke design.

For building consultants, the app will mean one less thing to worry about in the construction cycle, helping to portray an image of the ventilation system before building work has even started.

For contractors and developers, the app will enhance system estimation by providing information about costs and requirements. There’s also an added bonus – the app provides a comparison with  older impulse systems for the same car park specification.

Key features

  • Powerful but easy to use interface
  • Created by car park ventilation experts with vast fan engineering experience
  • Instant calculations for car park design specifications up to 3000 m2
  • Optional quotation technology providing fast generation of price and essential parameters
  • Information and specifications on induction-based systems
  • A comparative guide with older impulse systems
  • Quotation history page allowing quotes to be easily re-configured upon a parameter change
  • Access to calculations required to achieve full mechanical or assisted natural ventilation systems

Download the app in the App Store.

Regions serviced for this principal
North West, Yorkshire, North East

External Contact
Ken O’Donoughue
Paul Phillips
Dale Nelson (Yorkshire)

Internal Contact
Lindsey Sankey



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