The first edition Air Curtain Guide book which has just been released by Eurovent.

Teddington Air Curtains along with other manufacturers have greatly contributed to the production of this guide offering their expertise and knowledge. The guidebook provides an excellent hands-on tool intended for Consultants, specifiers, engineers and anyone dealing with Air Curtain Technologies. This document provides you with key information on how to correctly select, install and maintain Air Curtains and identifies the applications and key benefits of the various Air Curtains available.

Eurovent - Air Curtains Guidebook - First Edition (1)

Hurlstones Northern Ltd are the official UK distributor for Teddington Air Curtains.

Teddington has been a pioneer and set benchmarks in the area of air curtain technology for decades. Teddington offers solutions when energy is lost at doors and entrances due to the undesired exchange of air; these solutions represent the ultimate in what is technically and economically feasible in terms of energy-saving.

The broad range includes the categories “Shop & Business”, “Design” and “Industries”, from which all users can select precisely the right air curtain system for their requirements according to the various models of device, performance categories, sizes and types of installation.

Air curtain systems from Teddington pay for themselves in the shortest time, because for decades the company has made use of the highly efficient nozzle principle. With the further development of the new CONVERGO® pressure chamber nozzle, Teddington offers the ultimate in air curtain technology. The converging current of air has an extraordinarily high discharge range and achieves the best screening results while simultaneously generating energy savings of up to 80%. Even in the area of lamella technology, Teddington sets new benchmarks with the adjustable CORRIGO® air discharge system.

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