Traditionally heating in care homes for the elderly or residents with special needs had been provided by LST radiators or more recently underfloor heating.

However these heating systems are not without disadvantage. For example LST radiators require large casings which intrude into the living space and can cause issues and accessibility to wheelchairs users.The LST Casing poses a risk of injury and is susceptible to damaged. LST casings are also dirt and potential bacteria trap and therefore require regular deep cleaning which involves the casings being removed. This can be both time consuming and costly. LST’s circulate the air around the room which means people with low immune systems can easily pick up dust allergens being circulated in the air.

Underfloor heating overcomes the above issues but also has its own problems. For example Underfloor heating restricts the types of floor coverings which can be used and is very slow to reach the desired temperature. In some cases of people with special needs, they can be very aware of their environment and if it is too hot or too cold this can cause distress. With Underfloor Heating their environmental temperature cannot be changed quickly enough.

The Discrete Heat Easy Clean skirting heating system overcomes all of the above issues and and also be a less expensive solution to install.

Easy Clean has been developed for and in conjunction with the NHS and is currently one of two heating systems the Procure 21+ Standard Components Catalogue.

Please see the case studies below where Easy Clean has been installed.

Cowan Court Assistedthermaskirt-casestudy-cowan-court-assisted-living-apartments-edinburgh
Living Apartments, Edinburgh Case Study


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